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Author, Neuropsychiatrist (Emeritus), Muslim Mental Health Expert.

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I am a retired mental health doctor. I worked for 25 years as a psychiatrist, helping thousands of people think and feel better. Now I write, blog, speak and consult wherever people need help and input with psychology and human behaviour.

It is my hope that anyone who stumbles upon this blog finds ways to be content, comfortable in their own skin, and able to greet challenges in life with confidence and courage. I hope that all people can find such peace of mind.

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20 thoughts on “@drtkharris1

  1. Hello dr.harris
    I am sima from iran. I literally need this book, but unfortunately I cannot pay for the book (instant insight) because of government sanctions. Please If you see my comment answer me and tell me if I can do anything for you.


  2. Dear sir,

    This is Junaid from India, as i m not very used to with kindle, can i get both these books in PDF format so it is handy with me on my mobile & i can read it in my free time…..let me know if this is possible & how do i pay for it.

    Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkaatuh


  3. Dr. Harris,
    A Friend of mine recommended your page and I’m struggling with anxiety and panic in this lockdown which is so new to me. I’m in INDIA. I had been prescribed some medicines. But I was told you have a different way of treatment. Pls guide me!


  4. Salaam,
    Jzk for these books..

    I have the Just started the book – The voyage of the humble soul. I eagerly await after work to read this in my golden moment. I have only read a few pages and it’s truly taken me right there! All senses are evoked. I pray it will truly benefit me and all the readers AMEEN.


    1. Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately I no longer see individual patients. I am fully focused on my public work. Please do try to find a counsellor or doctor local to you. I will pray that Allah helps you to find contentment, Ameen


  5. Assalamu alaikum sir,
    This is irfana from india,
    Im suffering from death anxiety and health anxiety. Im suffering past 6 months, please do help me out sir.


    1. Dear sister, please seek help from a family doctor or mental health soctor (psychiatrist) local to you. Unfortunately I no longer see individual patients because I am focussed entirely on my public work. May Allah grant you relief soon. From TK Harris


  6. Salam brother,
    Why is it so hard to read the book which is designed to help people like me!! I have been searching for an answer to my mental health problem since 2007!!! 13 years gone in a blink of an eye!!! Even though there are lot of downtime but there are improvements in dealing the problem to lead this life as well. However, inside I am dying and became a prisoner of mind!! Why can’t I continue reading the book. What’s holding me back? The book is just sitting in my app!!!


    1. It’s impossible to say; there could be many causes. However, if you can’t concentrate despite your best effort it’s probably a good idea to see a doctor to work out if there is a medical cause. Many medical causes for a lack of concentration.


    2. Dear brother Saeed,

      If I may say something even though this is not my place since I’m no mental health professional nor a religious scholar but from my own experience I can tell you that if you make enough dua to Allah SWT to guide you and help you then I’m sure the help will come. You will be able to not only read the book but get the most out of it. Remember all diseases have a cure and the cure is with Allah.


  7. Is it okay just to buy the books ( the 3 books) and not be subscribed or do you need to be subscribed for visual context?


  8. Aslam alikum…
    Dear Sir

    I am from Afghanistan and i am studying medical science. i and my friend want study the above books. So, How we can get those tow books pdf format?
    Thanks to you


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